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Self-Care IS Self-Love: The Importance of decreasing stress for healthier skin

We often associate February with Valentine’s Day and love which we usually link to the romantic kind. However, we can’t truly love another if we don’t find that love within ourselves. Which leads to the all-important necessity of taking care of ourselves and not putting our needs last in line behind our kids, partner, work or pets. This month make sure to take time for a little self-care and start a new goal of carving that time out on a regular basis. Taking some “me” time actually benefits everyone around you because you feel more balanced and relaxed.

As an esthetician, it’s natural for me to turn to skincare as my self-care routine. It’s not just the idea of making my skin healthier, it’s also the ritual of the process that is relaxing. You can’t go run errands or take the dog for a walk with a mask on your face. It forces you to carve that time out for yourself and enjoy a peaceful moment. This practice also made me very conscientious in creating treatments for my clients to have that experience as well which is why I created Ritual Facials. I think it’s important to take a holistic approach to skincare and include Tuning Fork Vibrational relaxation and European massage as part of the skincare experience creating a mindful and stress-reducing treatment.

It's become the norm to live with stress, but don’t forget that chronic stress and anxiety negatively affect your skin. High levels of cortisol lead to more oil production, acne and inflammation which can result in eczema, rosacea and other skin issues. Let’s break the idea of wearing stress as a badge of honor and start carving out time to take care of ourselves. Start your own spa day at home and get the whole family on board. And throw out that guilt for treating yourself to a facial or massage. You’ll be surprised how a little down time and taking care of ourselves leads to a more loving and vibrant life.


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