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Meet Corinna Jill

"At Corinna Jill Skincare in Bend, Oregon, beautiful skin is my specialty, though peace and tranquility are my secret weapon to making clients feel their best."

Corinna Jill (aka Cori) has been licensed since 2008 in esthetics and European skin treatments. She furthered her skincare education in 2011 when she completed her certification in aesthetic laser treatments at the Rocky Mountain Laser College in Denver, CO.


She specializes in facial muscular release, acne, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, and seasonal skin issues. She is certified in lymphatic drainage, lash treatments, resurfacing peels, and advanced microcurrent.


She has a B.A. in ethnography and a passion for creative writing. She's been a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festivals two years in a row (drama, comedy). And a Finalist in the Screencraft TV Pilot competition, and was the 2023 Grand Prize Winner in the Drama Writing Screen Craft competition. But, most importantly, she loves making people feel and look their best.


Let me start off by saying Cori Jill is phenomenal! I’ve never been so lovingly pampered... ever. Her grace, knowing and skill are unmatched. She carries great products and is happy to educate around what they are and what they do which is helpful. As a woman moving into my 50’s I find all of this tantamount in my pursuit of gracefully aging. When I left Cori today after my session with her, I couldn’t believe how incredible my skin looked!

Priscilla T

Facial treatment
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