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At Corinna Jill Skincare in Bend, Oregon, beautiful skin is my specialty, though peace and tranquility are my secret weapon to making clients feel their best. From the moment you walk in the door, you will be welcomed by a calm, serene atmosphere and enjoy the ultimate in luxurious customized attention to meet your skin care goals. I use high quality, environmentally clean products combined with modern technology that works on behalf of all skin conditions. With over 15 years of experience as a licensed esthetician, I have created a unique process that has evolved into what I call Ritual Facials.

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Ritual Facials were created to not only give you glowing and revitalized skin but provide a sacred space where you can slip away from the world and be fully submerged in serenity. I offer a variety of corrective treatments to address skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and aging skin. All facials include Tuning Fork Vibrational Relaxation, Gua Sha, Ultrasonic Cleansing, Cryotherapy, European Massage, Extractions, and Active Ingredients designed to benefit your individual skin condition. In addition to in-person treatments, you’ll receive coaching on how to keep your skin glowing and healthy at home.

Come see me to take your skin care to the next level and start a new self-care Ritual!


Wellness is not a passive state but rather an active pursuit that fuses intentions, choices, and actions to achieve an optimal state of health and wellbeing. 

Skin health extends beyond the physical and incorporates the combination of technique, technology, and all-natural ingredients formulated to revitalize your skin matrix.

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Corinna Jill Skincare


Let me start off by saying Cori Jill is phenomenal! I’ve never been so lovingly pampered... ever. Her grace, knowing and skill are unmatched. She carries great products and is happy to educate around what they are and what they do which is helpful. As a woman moving into my 50’s I find all of this tantamount in my pursuit of gracefully aging. When I left Cori today after my session with her, I couldn’t believe how incredible my skin looked!

Priscilla T

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